Here’s to the Overflow

“Alright!” he said, “We have a domain name, a twitter account, and professional photos. Now all we need are some blogs.” That was my cue – Produce!

 There are very few times that I would use an exclamation point for something that my husband said. He’s a fantastic man and an incredible youth pastor, but the punctuation that describes him best? Not an exclamation point, maybe a semicolon. He has been patient, very, very patient.

Over the past year or so I’ve grunted and moaned at my desire to write. My lack of time, my ignorance of how to do it and my doubts at having anything to say. But yet we pushed on, more like fumbled forward, and now months later all my excuses are irrelevant and I just need to type.

I couldn’t get rid of this feeling these past few months that the Lord wants me to do this. Not for you, not for me, just for Him. Simply because He asked me to and I’m supposed to obey Him. It’s almost like He’s got this sharp ended stick that pokes me in the back every once in a while, nudging me forward. As much as I would like to take it from Him and break it over my knee, I think it’s going to work out better for me if I just trust Him enough to type.

 I know you have a million other voices talking to you. The last thing you need is another. Unfortunately for you, I can’t let this go; its been bugging me for too long.

So small and annoying and persuasive!

Talk. Chat. Babble. You have something to say. I will give you something to say. You’ve asked for wisdom – this is how you get it. Let go of your expectations and your need for perfection. I make you charming in your ignorance, so just speak.

And so, here I go. As you chide yourself at the thought of diving head first into your Easter basket, and decide to “get serious” about swimsuit season coming up. As you promise to spend less time online and more time reading the Word. Even as you decide to limit your distractions and focus on your real objectives in life. Here’s one ore voice coming at you, asking for your attention and hoping for your affection.

I just need the Guy behind me to stop poking me in the back. I hope this works.

 My news years resolution was to write more, to read more, to pray more and to love better. To live out of my overflow. Wanna join up? I’m a little late in the process, but I’m here. I can’t promise it’ll will be worth your time in wisdoms, but it’s bound to be entertaining.

Here’s to the overflow.