The Task at Hand

Several people have asked for an update on our adoption process. I explain to them that our dossier is crossing the ocean as we speak. It’s over. Done. Finished. Burden lifted.  Whew. The response is always,

“So now what? You just wait?”

Yes and no.

A few days ago our pastor who is headed to South Africa shortly, stated he wished we could join the group and go along with him. I responded in kind – I wish we could too.  But as I stood there chatting I realized no, I really have no desire to go right now. I know we have a purpose and a goal here and now. Our time to travel and welcome our little one will come. But until then we have more then enough to keep us busy on this side of the world.

 We won’t really be waiting at all.  

We will be working toward the day we all walk through the front door together.

There’s all the logistical stuff –

We have a tremendous amount of money to come up with. The paperwork that still needs to be completed can feel defeating at times. South Africa has difficult requirements. Traveling, paperwork, accommodations, in country flights, court dates, legal meetings, required vaccines, visas, all of this we need to become to familiar with.

It’s all legal jargon, wrapped in emotion, and planted in foreign soil.

You’d think I’d be able to tell you the details of the trip, but every time I read the “Travel Packet” I have more questions.  I find no comfort in the fact that I will be stressed from the details of each requirement, in an emotional fog from the idea of actually becoming a mom; not to mention the oppression that females live under in South Africa – native or not.

In addition to that jumbled mess I can’t seem to untangle,  I’m preparing to wait two years for this little one.

Let the countdown begin.

What can I accomplish in the next two years for the Gospel? How can I help the least of these? How can I best further the kingdom? What of significance can I contribute before all my time will be taken by two big brown eyes?

I have so many interests, so many things I’d like to do, sometimes I feel my heart is stretched too thin.

I want to visit new countries, experience new cultures, meet new people, see God in a new way.I want to work those who need the most both across the globe and here and now. I have a large desire to be present at home, with my family, my husband, and our ministry.

In the same way I feel a great need to be prepared for her – I understand this is the same way in which we should wait for the Lord.

Actively. With a purpose. Intentionally. Looking for results. Being cognizant of the fact that this is just the beginning.

The rest of the eternity is yet to come.

Hurry people. Time is short.
The task is at hand…


But Jeanita is in the room…

imageWe listened to her story, abducted by two men while in a hotel, taken somewhere, waking up in a dark basement. For five days she was used for the gain of evil. Then someone opened the door.

As she explained on the big screen how she escaped, processed her trauma,and gained a new life my heart cringed. The horrors of her story could not be retold. When compared to my blue sky’s life I couldn’t begin to understand. So I just died a little inside. My eyes welled up. My throat ran dry.

Jeanita met my emotions as she thanked those who helped her. Those who supported her rescuers. Those who made a difference. What a simple thing I half heartedly did once before.

Our MC acknowledged the story. He too had to gain his composure. He said “If Jeanita was in the room she would say thank you. And she would tell you that what you do does make a difference.

“But Jeanita is in the room.”

As he continued to speak – 40,000 people applauded. She remained lost in a sea of faces as a standing ovation was given her. She was not applauded because of her suffering. She was applauded because that’s how 40,000 people give a group hug.

I don’t know her – I don’t know what her life will look like. Who she is or who she will be. But I know she is free. Redeemed. Saved. Restored.

On Feb 25 I challenge you to be a part of the End It Movement. A red X on your hand signifies your support and creates awareness. Awareness to the millions of people that live in slavery in present day. Awareness of the millions of children who have a future of slavery ahead of them. Awareness of these souls. I dare you to do something about it.

Because Jeanita is in the room.

27 million people live in modern slavery today

It’s estimated that sex trafficking alone has seen profits over $100 billion dollars

A trafficked women is often forced to sleep with about 30 men a day

The End Modern Slavery Intiative Act of 2015 is waiting for your support

February 25, 2016

Shine a light on Slavery Day

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